Eddie Clayton Photo Sometimes it's an awesome one-on-one, eye-to-eye closeup of a Bald Eagle, other times it's a poignant view of a Mountain Goat's vast wilderness habitat; From Freight trains straining on impossible mountain grades, to the delicacy of a lily's stamen; From the somber eerie loneliness of a cemetery on a cold gray wintry day, to the warmth of a stunning sunset over a serene lake: Eddie Clayton captures the beauty, grace or raw power of the moment. Prints from "eddie clayton photo .com" will evoke emotion and enrich your home or office.
  • LandscapesMountains, Meadows, Clouds, Lakes and Waterfalls
  • FloraTrees, Leaves, Flowers
  • Hand of ManOutdoor photos that include evidence of mankind
  • Eclectic RocksUnique landforms that are awe inspiring
  • PanoramicsNature photos with a broad perspective
  • FaunaWildlife in it's natural habitat
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